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With an unwavering passion to help fellow Adobers and clients succeed, years of technical experience backed by years of experiance building several custom solutions, process and unparalleled customer service, I deliver every time. Get in touch now.

Why you need the Most Trusted Adobers

With strong industry relationships and technology partners, I offer technology product development, solution architecture, and IT services to exactly match your organization’s IT needs. In the purchasing, management and support of those solutions, I put those relationships to work for your business.

Having 4X certifed by Adobe and acknolwedged by several clients for the best in class solutions i've built over the years, you'll be set for success no matter the complexity of the requirement

Tier 1 Web Applications

I've developed an Enterprise Automated Tracking System using Angular7, Bootstrap 4, Express.js, Mongoose, Node.js and MongoDB for database and Hosted the application on AWS. Created REST API’s using Mongoose, Node.js and MongoDB and tested them using POSTMAN. Incoprated several modules for administators, staff and member portals where the staff/admin can track, add, delete or modify the users, donors, other staffs, funds, events, inventory, appointments, fundraisers, donations etc.

Andriod APP Developement

Worked as a freelancer for 2 startups developing andriod applications and architecting web applications. Worked with android components such as activities, intents, services, and custom UI components such as Text View, List View, customized List View, layouts, Tab Layouts, Web view. Worked in Activities, Fragments, AsyncTask, Intent, Services, Content Provider, RESTful Services, Location Manager. Used fragments to build small re-usable pieces that are easier to manage and allow for a more fluid visual design and also can adapt to tablet and phone resolutions. Worked on an Android Service to implement the Push Notification. Designed the web services to communicate with the Android application by using RESTful web services and JSON Parsing for the received responses. Implemented Universal Image Loader for image downloading, catching & rendering. Implemented the Google Map and Place API to get the JSON data by restful protocol which shows the nearby restaurant in a specific location. Knowledge of publishing android apps on Google play store. Tested Applications on device simulators and actual devices to fine-tune products.


Worked as a part time API Developer in Enterprise Services Team for a startup. Worked with Web services and API technologies such as REST, XML/JSON, SOAP. Developed REST APIs on Spring Boot and deployed it on IBM Cloud (Bluemix). The REST API posts data to RabbitMQ on IBM Cloud. Developed REST APIs that consumes data from third party components and saves data to MongoDB in IBM Cloud.

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